Become a MOTHER SPONSOR with a gift/donation of only $12 a year!

CALL US TODAY  for more information about how you can become a MOTHER SPONSOR and/or a HEROIC LIVING TARGET SPONSOR (707) 217-1975  – We are available to provide a brief presentation to  your group and/ organization.

MOTHER SPONSORS — any person, a group, or an organization that donates $12 a year to MOTHER Fiscal Sponsor for Community Projects!

The purpose of Mother Sponsors is to “spread the word” and support the development of Heroic Living programs to provide resources to persons who are facing challenges within our community.

We will be offering a Thank You List on this website and, from time to time, have events to thank our Mother Sponsors. We also offer opportunity for individuals to volunteer to assist with our programs.

HEROIC LIVING TARGET SPONSORS – donate $3,000 to provide Heroic Living to a “target group” of sixteen individuals who are facing a specific challenge!

HEROIC LIVING TARGET SPONSORS provides Heroic Living resources to a  “target group” of individuals who are facing a specific challenge!

PROGRAM PARTICIPANTS will participate in a Heroic Living program that is designed to provide them with resources for facing their personal challenges, to include:

  • Heroic Living Personal Code Package for sixteen individuals within the target group
  • One-year of Support Services for each of these program participants

TARGETS – You/Your Organization Selects Your Own Target Group

Each Heroic Living Sponsor chooses the”targeted group” of  sixteen individuals who are facing a major challenge.

Your organization can choose to support an existing Heroic Living Project: Such as the Heroic Living Re-Entry Program serving men and woman at the Sonoma County Jail.  

Or your organization can choose to develop a new Heroic Living Project serving a target group that you choose, such as  High School Seniors who are preparing for their lives, Veterans facing life challenges, homeless persons,  abuse victims or another group that they select.


  • CONTRIBUTE $3,000 to support a Heroic Living project that targets a specific group of people who are facing a major and/or tough challenge! and to
  • APPOINT a MOTHER ADVOCATE who is a person designed to inform the  Sponsoring Organization about the work and/or accomplishments of the Heroic Living participants.
  • PERSONAL FOLLOWUP -Each Sponsoring Organization can be provided with the names of program participants, and may have the opportunity to congratulate participants who complete the program.

Call (707) 217-1975 to arrange for an informational program about what it means to become a Heroic Living Sponsor.