MOTHER is a reversal of ordinary thinking!

MOTHER’s way of thinking changes RECIPIENTS into PROVIDERS!

YES! MOTHER FLIPS IT.   MOTHER views the “Traditional RECIPIENT” as the “Major ASSET” for producing change within our local communities! And, there is a practical side. We provide a way for these Assets –  to receive donations and/or financial support for their Projects.

YOU CAN HELP MOTHER — FLIP IT !!! – by helping Mother provide the resources that  can effectively change “recipients” into “providers!”

MOTHER’S PURPOSE is to provide an opportunity for those who have faced a significant personal challenge to view and utilize their experience as an “asset” in developing new projects for the community.

This is a reversal of ordinary thinking that things of people who are facing major challenges to their physical, mental and/or social health as RECIPIENTS of the services of the traditional nonprofit. RATHER, we view people who are facing major challenges as a POTENTIAL ASSET to their community.

PEOPLE WHO ARE FACING A MAJOR CHALLENGE – can USE THEIR PERSONAL EXPERIENCE to help others who are facing a similar situation.

THE BOTTOM LINE =  Everyone Can Leave a Legacy!

MOTHER is a different kind of nonprofit because . . .

  • we work with small and/or new projects
  • view traditional “recipients” as “assets” for their community
  • we provide practical ways for people who are facing major challenges to their health, their finances and/or their life- to feel good finding ways that they can make a difference
  • we target people who “slip through the cracks” – that are NOT served by the programs of the nonprofits in their community!