How Mother Began . . .

The story of MOTHER is very simple. It began with the creation of the Heroic Living Re-Entry Project at the Sonoma County Jail in Santa Rosa, California.

Here is how it started: I visited the Volunteer Center of Sonoma County and was given more than a dozen organizations to interview as a place to volunteer my time and energy. When I visited the Juvenile Hall, they told me that they were impressed with what I had to offer, but explained that they had many programs for juveniles. They asked me if I would consider providing a program at the Sonoma County Main Detention Facility because, they explained, there were many inmates at the jail that remained in their cells with no program opportunities.

I developed the Heroic Living Re-Entry for maximum offenders at the jail. At the completion of the three-year demonstration phase of our program in December 2015, a total of 329 inmates had requested our program. Our staff provided the full program to 157 of these inmates. An additional 172 inmates waited to be admitted to the program, but were not participate in the program due the need for additional staff and funding.

Since the program had produced positive results with the most at risk offenders, I was asked to consider forming a nonprofit corporation, so that the Heroic Living Re-Entry program could expand and become eligible for receive tax-deductible funding.

While working at the jail I became so impressed with the knowledge and skills that the inmates developed that I began conversations with the inmates about what they had to offer both to other inmates and to people in the community. One morning, I awoke from a dream state and the word “Mother” came into my mind in a powerful way. The next day, I wrote the IRS and reserved “Mother” as the name for a new nonprofit corporation that was designed to work with individuals who had faced tough experiences. The purpose of this new nonprofit called “Mother” is “to encourage people facing tough challenges to utilize their own experience to develop new projects to meet existing needs in the community.”     

Peter M Skaife,
Mother Founder